Our latest family member

DjuDju priests and priestesses were spiritual and practical healers. Non medicinal drinks were also brewed for celebrations, for example for weddings or the birth of a child. This is where the origin of the DjuDju fruit beers can be found. DjuDju was made in large clay pots according to ancient recipes and traditions and has always been served to guests by the DjuDju Queen in Calabash bowls. Motivated by the huge amount of positive feedback from visitors to Ghana, the Tagoe family decided, in cooperation with an international brewery, to sell fruit beer based on their secret recipe outside of the country. Sales of DjuDju Banana and Passion Fruit began with a first promising attempt in London and Berlin. The result was a complete success. Encouraged by this breakthrough, more DjuDju varieties will soon find their way into stores.

Well then “Twa Omanye aba” – Cheers!